Āsana Course planning – Designing toward a goal posture

With Amanda Green

October 1st – November 12, 2019

Tuesdays at 4pm PT / 6pm CT / 7pm EST

Class is online and runs for 75 min

Eligible for Yoga Alliance CE’s!

Registration will be available soon at: https://www.yogawell.com

This class will help yoga teachers develop thoughtful, safe, and effective āsana courses for students. In the first two weeks, we’ll review key principles for course planning: breath in movment, vinyāsa krama, sthira sukha, strength and flexibility charts and categorization of postures. In the remaining six weeks, we’ll learn to apply these ideas as we design specific courses toward a goal posture. We’ll discuss a posture in detail, define the person or people who we are planning our class for, and then each student will design and turn in their course to Amanda.  In the following class, we will explore and discuss the different ways that we can arrive at our goal.

This class is for yoga teachers or yoga therapists with some background in viniyoga principles, looking for hands on practice in designing āsana courses.  There will be 30-60 minutes of homework between weeks 2 and 8. Your homework will be central to your learning and our class discussions.