Yoga therapy is a holistic approach to healing that addresses not only the needs of the body, but also those of the mind, emotions, and spirit. This approach is gentle and non-invasive and depending on the illness can be preventative, curative or provide the means for managing an illness. Yoga therapy helps you create positive conditions so that you can feel better and develop a peaceful and steady mind.

Yoga therapy is taught one on one. In individual sessions, Amanda can adapt the therapeutic tools of yoga to each client’s needs and personality. Movement, postures (āsana), breathing (prāṇāyāma), sound (mantra), visualization (bhāvana), and meditation, are applied to support your healing process in an individualized way.

A daily home practice helps you become actively involved in the healing process. Yoga therapy is intrinsically self-empowering. Amanda’s role is to understand your individual needs, teach the appropriate practices and provide ongoing review, guidance, and support. Your active participation in the process facilitates the healing and transformation you seek and offers valuable time for self-inquiry and quiet attention. When the mind is calm and clear it possible to be more present and less reactive in daily life.

Some of the conditions Yoga Therapy can address include:

-back pain

-posture (hunched shoulders, sway back, sacral issues)

-difficulty sleeping

-women’s health

-post-operative joint recovery

-asthma and breathing difficulties

-degenerative conditions

-chronic pain

-emotional strain




-spiritual concerns

-and more…