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Yoga is a Path to Liberation

Cicada, Innermost Yoga

The other day, I went into my backyard with my dog and I heard this droning buzz that didn’t let up. I wondered if a neighbor was edging their lawn. No. I walked around to see if there was an electrical issue. No again. I followed the noise to this metal table and saw the source of the buzzing. A cicada had wedged its head in an opening in the table top and couldn’t get itself out. It was running its wings at full speed and buzzing like crazy – the sound amplified by the vibration of the metal table. The cicada was completely trapped. I went to free it, but I couldn’t pull it out without the metal causing some damage to its head and maybe an eye. In order for the cicada to be free, a part of it had to crack. How much damage would it cause the insect? Was it the right thing to do? I decided the chance at living wounded and free was better than leaving it intact and trapped. I got the cicada out, but there was some damage. Even so, it flew away into the sky.

I keep thinking about that cicada.

We get stuck… sometimes, impossibly stuck. We don’t always understand how we got there and we might need help to get free. We might even face a difficult choice: stay intact but stuck, or crack off what holds us back so we can move freely into the world. Maybe you’ve leaned on yoga for a long time and you know your personal practice, your teachers, and your community of practitioners to be a wellspring of support. You’ve found more balance and you’ve seen your suffering reduce. Yoga helps in these ways, and it offers us something more: Kaivalyam – liberation from what keeps us bound. Yoga can help us feel better and it can also be our path to liberation. Yoga can help you to be free.

Amanda Green Yoga is now Innermost Yoga. (Happy dance happening all over here these days!)
We’ve been putting our heart and soul into developing new resources and a beautiful platform for you to enjoy. It won’t be long before you have access to classes and community designed to help you on your inward journey. Innermost Yoga is coming your way.