Grief, loss, and the changing season

This afternoon, I gathered up the shoes I’d left around the house and as I dropped the flip flops and sandals onto their spot on the closet shelf, I lingered to look longingly at my warm winter boots. Temperatures in Austin, TX are still reaching 86 degrees, but mornings are cooler and there’s a crispness to the evenings. We’re moving out of Summer and I’m yearning for the change to cooler, boot-wearing weather.I feel another kind of shift happening, too. We had too many deaths in our circle of loved ones this season. My grandfather, a friend, a beloved uncle. We miss these dear people. Though I continue to grieve, something is shifting. Like the seasonal change, the initial stages of grief are gradually giving way to the next. And I welcome that shift.I’m glad that time and experience allows for change and that yoga can help with the patience, the digestion and the expression of so much of what goes along with living life and loving people. I’m grateful for the practice but mostly for the many dear students and friends who keep showing up and help me to do the same.

One thought on “Grief, loss, and the changing season

  1. Carol Rawson

    Oh Amanda – I am so sorry to hear you’ve lost your Honey and family patriarch. I was thinking about him last month – and wondering how he was doing. He has popped into my mind so regularly over the years that I didn’t think anything of it other than knowing the world enjoyed him for a lot of years. And I am so sorry to hear of your other losses. That is a lot to deal with in such a short time. I know you have many wonderful memories and send wishes for comfort and peace at this time. “Shift happens” – and I will remember Jack and Mary and all the fun they had with my parents and imagine them getting together for more laughs in the ether. Love & Hugs, Carol


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