As my life shifts and changes … so does this blog


Let’s see what’s coming next…

Over the last few months, I’ve been thinking about this blog—how and why I started writing, the friendships and connections that have come because of it, how it has changed as I’ve changed, and where I am now. I’ve taken the last two weeks to see how it feels to pause my weekly writing practice and to reflect on what I’d like it to be now.

This blog started out in 2011 as a way to articulate and better understand things that were happening in my life as a result of yoga. I’d learn something then see it show up in my relationship with my kids or while I was driving or in the midst of an epic battle of house rats, and then take time to put it into words. The process of writing and reflecting provided me with the opportunity to spend more time with some whisp of intuition or to more carefully observe the slippery inner workings of my mind. By attempting to translate the experience or feeling into words, I had something of substance that I could work with and reflect on. It helped make manifest something important yet ephemeral. The process was exhilirating and meaningful. Nearly every week, as I wrote, published, read comments and had conversations my heart would pound in that way that confirmed how important this was to me. Blogging reminded me, in all the right ways, that I was alive, that writing is alive and that I am connected to the people, the ideas, the experiences and the feelings that I want to be connected to.

Flash forward to today, 2017. The experiences, feelings, and insights that were once ephemeral now have substance and staying power in my life. They are foundational to how I operate in my relationships and my teaching. I certainly don’t do it ‘perfectly,’ whatever that might mean, but I am more able to tune in, observe and listen to these more subtle aspects of myself and to operate from that place. Thanks to my friends and teachers at YATNA, my personal practice, and the individual guidance I receive from my yoga mentor, Chase Bossart, I have much of the needed language and framework for understanding what is happening in me and how to respond. Something else has happened, too. I’ve noticed that my attempts to write about all of this aren’t coming as easily. The personal work I’m involved in now is so incredibly intimate and I’m less willing or just less interested in putting into words the mystery of my unfolding spiritual adventure.  This inner work of yoga is really something.

So a change is a-coming. I’ll continue to reflect on what this blog will be for me and for us or maybe we’ll just watch it unfold together as I try out a different format for my posts or shift my focus to something that makes my heart do that thing again. I’ll still write and post, though on less of a fixed schedule. I do hope that we’ll keep in touch in a regular way, dear readers. If you’ve been considering deepening your yoga practice and would like to work together, let’s set up a time to talk – 20 minutes, no charge, and you can ask questions and we can see what we can do together. I’m in Austin, TX, but I’m also online (which means I can meet you anywhere!) CONTACT ME by clicking here.  If you aren’t already on my mailing list, there’s a button on the sidebar of the blog page or you can click here: SIGN UP FOR THE AGY NEWSLETTER  and you’ll get a monthly update on classes I offer, the annual Ojai Women’s retreat, links to yoga research, recipes that support a healthy lifestyle, or other offerings that I think you should hear about. Yay for change. Yay for 2017.

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4 thoughts on “As my life shifts and changes … so does this blog

  1. Michelle (Sutton) Downey

    Amanda, I admire you for sharing your experiences and I have frequently been moved by your writing, and I want you to know that you have helped me in my own practice of self-reflection. Whenever I feel that I need “traction” in my life (a feeling that I am getting a handle on things and a way to be calm and centered) I turn to writing. Thank you so much and I hope next time I come through Austin we can meet and catch up!

    1. Amanda Post author

      Hi Michelle and thanks for your message. Writing is something special, isn’t it? Let’s keep it up AND please do reach out when you’re in town! I’d love to see you. xo

  2. Catherine Deans

    I’ll miss your blog, Amanda. I’ve truly enjoyed it. But I totally undersdand. Chase’s teachings (I studied with him and Kate Holcomb at the Healing Yoga Foundation in SF), the teachings of the Sutras and the experiential teachings of yoga (as Patanjali puts it) are SO profound. After a while they become so much a part of us that we begin to live in a beautiful internal silence. That sense of ease and stability that is so real.

  3. Carol

    I will miss your blogs but completely understand the need to step away for at least a while and pursue other interests – or silence. I have a wonderful studio to practice at in Cooper City, FL – Om Joyful Yoga = and if you’re ever in this area I’d love to have you join us. I know you would fit right in with the Goddess tribe there 😉 Blessings on your continuing journey. Namaste, Carol


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